Mission Statement:

We are a corporation focused on Commercial Mechanical Contracting, and Residential HVAC. We value education, quality work, and employee satisfaction - while achieving an acceptable return on investment.

History & Growth:

SR Mechanical Inc has been in the Mechanical Contracting business for over forty years. Under the direction of owner Steven A. Roberts, SR Mechanical Inc has grown from a small residential plumbing & heating company to a highly respected commercial plumbing & heating company.

SR Mechanical Inc was founded in 1973 under the name of Steven A. Roberts Plumbing & Heating. The company specialized in all types of residential plumbing & heating, conducting business mainly in the Central Utah area. In the early 1980’s the company broadened its scope and area of work to commercial applications statewide. In 2001 the company decided to narrow its scope of work to commercial applications and subsequently changed its name to SR Mechanical Inc for marketing purposes.


SR Mechanical Inc specializes in commercial plumbing, and wet heat systems, while subcontracting out the majority of our dry heat systems. We have recently expanded our operations into Arizona and are continuing to pursue operations into other states.

Currently SR Mechanical Inc has three project managers each with a strong background in commercial plumbing systems and project layout. Their educational background and experience has enhanced their ability to manage a project well by utilizing their communication, goal setting, and pre-planning skills.

Our project foremen are exceptionally well qualified; all have experience and key knowledge in dealing with complex commercial plumbing, heating, and Med-Gas systems. Our foremen always have the opportunity to consult with Steve Roberts, SR Mechanical’s owner, when needed. Steve’s forty plus years of plumbing experience proves to be a valuable asset to the company when shared with our foremen on a regular basis.